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At first I said ‘Yes Yes, Yes’, but then...‘No No No’

That funny kitty is being asked : • Do you like Mommy ? It nodded ‘ YES ’. • Do you like Daddy ? It shakes the head ‘ NO ’ “That’s Salem from Sabrina!”

“Yes, I could kill her, totally kill her. Well, I'll do it tomorrow.” 💕

“On second thought, snuggling is better!” “He fully protected his little princess.” “When a cat's headbutt is pure love.”  💕 “Awwdorable: they’re both such sweethearts” ❣️❣️

Kitty found a new way to take a *cold* nap during a *hot* summer day

"Well, honestly, I think it's a little bit too cold for me, I'm freezing...” 🌨 “They told me I could be anything, so I became an beer bottle."

Funny cat family eating all together, side by side

1...2...3...4... White kitties in all sizes, happy family. “And the tiny one is the cutest one.”