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3 clumsy Kittens fighting for a small spot

"WHAT? I’m NOT guilty, I swear."

Monday mornings? Kitties are not build for them!

“Poor baby, he looks so tired.” “Proof that drinking coffee is not enough when you're exhausted.” “Party all night, sleep all day ►Just a kitty's life.” 😀 “Funny ears, so damn cute kitty!” 💙 “What a crazy Sunday, I only had 23 hours of sleep.” “Me every morning, not only Monday” 😂 “My spirit animal.” “OMG, such a cutie.” 💗 “Humans, what have you done with my ears?”  😿 “When Monday comes, we all feel like this.” 😆 “When the morning coffee at the office took too long to brew and well the first Sip doesn't happen...” “Someone needs to take that sweet sleepy little baby into bed for a nap! ❤️ 🐾 “Sorry Mom, I'm trying...I'm really trying hard to stay awake ...” “Too much catnip last night?” 😂 “Aww... cutest lil thing on earth.” ❤️ “When your coffee still isn't helping.”   [ Video @taroandzippo]

Super fluffy ginger cat with hypnotic green eyes is looking at you!

“Human, your soul is mine right meow, resistance is futile.” “Fluff cat: level 100!” “So gorgeous cat.” 👍  “Sometimes I wonder if our cats are secretly plotting to kill us, haha!” [Unedited picture @madfluffs]

‘Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle’ Mode activated!

“Cat attack coming soon, very sooon...” “Rounded butt in action.” 😍 “¡Que sambista animada!” 👏 “Cat butt wiggles? Miley Cyrus kitty, I presume?”

OMG! Amazingly amazing: a mutant cat with weird tiny eyes 👀

“Weird and funny, a new cat breed breaking the rules.”