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Suddenly the witch hat flies from table to cat head

“Love your cute Halloween cat! Not scary at all. Happy Halloween!” “It's a funny magic witch hat!” “Damned, what's happened? Halloween sorcery?” [10 Cats]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃  

Ferocious ♥ predator trying to kill the door stopper

“Fiercest of predators.” “Cutest of predators.” 💓 “Tiniest of predators.” “Gimme that cute predator,  wanna be his prey!”

Clumsy cat hitting itself in the face with its LONG tail, haha

“OMG, that was so fast and brutal, he didn't see that hit coming.” “Smacking yourself with your own wild tail.” “The size of that tail, almost knocked himself out.” “Me if I was a cat (I'm so clumsy)”

Clumsy cat climbs high ladder and...

“HALP!  I've made a huge mistake.” “STOP filming me and help me instead!” “Honey, I think there's a new mail for you.”