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Monday morning at office be like (Zzzz...Zzzz...)

“One more proof that cats can sleep everywhere and...anywhere!” “Yes, anywhere... except in their (expansive) beds , hahaha!” 😂 "Please don't wake the cat, he's helping with his tail.”

When kitty is your Crochet assistant ♥

“Good girl, she’s helping.” “Funny and cute. Have experienced this issue more times than I can count while knitting!”

Trippy cat high on catnip

“Poor cat having a real nightmare with 4 mice playing on his head, haha.” “Baby sitting, must not eat the babies!“ “Predatory instinct: Level 0” “Error 404: broken whiskers.”

Tom and Jerry in real life (2020 update)

🐭 “Fight me kitty, fight me, I'm not afraid of you.”   The struggle is real: “Don’t even touch me!” “Brave Ninja mouse vs. fearful Kitty: they are so funny.”

Who needs fishing rods when we have Ninja cats to go fishing for us?!

GOTCHA! Super fast Cat! 👍 “God job, that’s a good little hunter! My fat cat would never cat that fish, he might just fall down in the water hahaha.” “Yes, that’s awesome, not sure any of our kitties would know how to do that.” “Waterproof hunter.”