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Kitty, why are you so cute and aww...ffectionate?

“You know what? I love your finger and I LOVE  💕 YOU, my sweet human.”

It's Halloween time and scary black cat is ready

Yes, Black cats are part of Halloween... “Laser eyes.”   Haters gonna hate all those Halloween BLACK CATS in the darkness 😁  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

When your fluff Kitty needs a good (ear) haircut

“Have you ever seen a Kitty with so fluffy ears?!” “Me Monday morning with a bad hair.” [ Video @andreeanna_cathouse]

Crazy cat sleeping in weird position: and the winner is...GRAVITY!

“When you’re still drunk and try to get out of bed, haha.” “Ohhhh shiiiit! That wasn’t suppose to happen? Where am I?” “When the catnip is just a little stronger than your cat expected! “ [Video: yk082yasan]