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Mama Cat took her beloved kitty from the baby arms

“Sorry kid, NOT your doll but my sweet baby” “Baby left in tears when mother cat took her baby kitten from the toddler arms. Life can be so cruel sometimes…” [ Video: ElenaBesedina]

Attaaaack! And the crazy kitten gone wild!

“Crazy kitty being kitty (and crazy!)” “Big cat thinking: “Are you nuts, baby?!” “Soooo funny, what a villain.” “And...kitten.exe has stopped working.” “When your sibling won’t stop annoying you.” “I cannot even take the crazy cuteness! I want that little kitty.” “The larger cat looks like she’s saying: “crazy freakin’ kitten!” [ Video @parkerandlily]

‘Hammie’ is a graceful cat (well, almost)

“Watch my cat get stuck. The struggle was real hahaha!.” “That long and desperate tail!” [Video: Acaitia]

Cool cat with his best friends (best flea killers in action)

“Crazy cat & bird lady strikes again.” “Hooman keep them away they might poop on my me and ruin my beauty.” “The cats like: “Those birds are mad but I don’t give a sigle f*ck!” “Don’t worry, first they eat my fleas but then I’ll eat them all.”