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Meanwhile in Japan, 4 cats are licking delicious ❓❓❓❓ in sync!

“Weirdest cat video ever!” 👀 “WTF? Cat liquid snack vending machine?” “Om Nom Nom... whatever.” “Dafuq is this? Weird hungry cats licking weird snack in a weird country?” “Remember: licking *doorknobs* is illegal in other countries, haha!” 😂 [ Video @zhulin1102]

OMG, poor angry kitty with crazy eyes hissing hard and falling back on floor!

“That's my kitten when he sees angry DONALD TRUMP On TV, hahahaha!” “Ashley: this is honestly the best video I’ve ever made in my entire life.” “Yep, this might be the best kitty 🐱 video of all time...not kidding.” “This has a better plot than any movie I've seen recently!” “That’s one fuck*ng freaked out furball.” “What or who scared this poor kitty like that?” “Holy crap! He's so hysterical with crazy eyes!” “Poor brave kitty: the end was so so unexpected.” [Ashley Morrison] And the end in Slow Motion Dramatic kitty is dramatic! Gravity swallowed innocent kitty. RIP+

For a long time the door is closed for humans but still open for...cats

"Come in brothers 😺 and sisters 😺  come in, you are welcome.”

Funny cat playing in Autumn dead leaf pile

Weeeeeeeeee, I love Autumn, my fav season because..dead leaves! “Leaf piles? Cats also enjoy playing in all that rustling leaves.” [Video: MrFunnyMals]