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5 hungry cats stuck behind the kitchen glass door. “ Please open that door!”

“Mom, let us in, it's 12:01 PM and we eat at 12:00 PM” “Very lovely and cute cat pile.” “Hurry up, open the door we're hungry!”⠀ “The neighborhood that you would never mind peeping.” “All these cutie pie’s.” “Five heads are better than one...• 😺 😺 😺 😺 😺 [ Video @艳子]]

Funny cat jumping and playing in dead leaves

Autumnal Hide and Seek + fast Peekaboo! [Video: MrFunnyMals]

Psycho cat with crazy eyes watching a weird flashing light

Mode “Paranormal CATivity” activated 👀

Tap, Tap, Tap…Tackle! (Mama cat knows judo, hehe)

“How quickly she flips that around is seriously straight out of any martial arts defence book!” [Video: ExperimentalFailures]

Cat’s leap of faith goes wrong!

“My husband and I watched our cat climb up the patio umbrella from our kitchen window so I quickly told my husband to grab his phone and get a picture of him climbing up the umbrella. I started to make a video to see how this plays out, and our cat decided to try and jump onto…the patio roof! He didn’t quite make it.” “HaHa, so graceful cat, at least he tried.” [Video: ViralHog]

Cute kitty enjoys head rubs but rolls off sofa, haha

 “Yeah, Kitty loves sweet rubs but this poor baby is clumsy.” “When a cute kitten is too relaxed and falls on the floor while being petted.” [Video:]