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Sneakiest of sneak cat attacks, haha!

Never turn your back on big cats, never! “OWNED! Wait for it!” 😋

Bunch of adorable kitties. Cuteness level ► Infinity

 “Oh oh, how precious these flufff babies are…” “Middle one like: “Aaaaah too much cuteness I’m dying, HALP, save me!” “So cute! I need one of those sweet little grey and white babies!” “I want to be in the middle of that cuddle party!💕” “haha the one on the top left looks like he’s tryin to bite another but he’s biting its own paw.” [ Video @kitty_fostering_oz]

Meanwhile, near a nuclear power plant...

Just a weird mutant cat with 12 legs 👀  “Keep walking, whatever...”

1…2…3… Fat cat taking time to make a *huge* jump on couch

“His buddy encouraging him: “I know you can do it Carl, I won’t even watch, OK?” “OK, DONE! That’s enough exercise for today, now time to nap.” “HaHa, funny FAT cat!” “Dude, I’m not fat, just big boned, that’s why…” [ Video: g]

Mama Cat gone wild!

“Who are you tiny things? What do I do with you?” “Funny and awesome dance moves.” “Fast Boop and retreat.”  “When Mom cat forgets how to pet her tiny kitties.”

When your (crazy) Cat can’t decide which pot to chose for his nap

“Big pot or small pot, that is the question?” (William Catespeare) “That awkward moment when you realize your cat is fuck*ng mad!” [ Video @balous_life]