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Manicure cat in action. “Give me your nails and don’t move, I'm a PURRfesional.”

“There are hundreds of good reasons for having a cat, but this one is a good one.” “Amazing, that proves cats are way more useful (and cuter) than anything!”

Look at that proud Mummy cat with her beloved ♥ baby

“I want to kidnap her baby and keep him for myself.” “Why non-living pillows are best.” “So cute, look at the blue kitty’s face, she’s so happy.” “Made me think of what a cuddly mama you’ll be 💕” [ Video @foster_kitten]

When kitty wants to play soccer too!

“Yes, my cat love watching soccer on TV. He follows the ball and he hopes to have impact on game also.” “Hey guys, wanna play with you, give me the ball!” [Video: masterboodah]