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Cat proves it’s much easier to clean his tail when he licks it like a lollipop

“Okay human, let me show you how to properly groom the tail…I’m sorry usually this thing is more cooperative.” “ SEXY tail.” “Don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat do that before. Sure makes sense to me.” “Well, It’s not a cat tail, it’s a fluffy snake!” [ Video @joyandtreasure]

He said: “A little PRiVACY, Please!”

Cats are liquid 😉

Crazy cat hidden in a huge pile of fallen leaves

“WHAT? It's my cozy Autumn home.” “Funny Autumn hide and seek: OWNED!”

When kitty is on a diet but suddenly…

“Cutie pie baby, he’s so hungry.” “When you smell your fav food.” “Me when Bae brings me tacos or cheeseburgers during my nap!” [ Video @mrsmiyav]

Real life Tweety and Sylvester (it’s a long story)

“Don’t mess with a Ninja dove.” “Birds love cat food. He’s jealous.” “The cat is the poor victim. Such a sweet cat. And you birdy…why so naughty?” “The Cat is not even hurting the bird! They’re just playing, too cute.” “The jerk dove be like: “C’mon fight me, b*tch!” [ Video @par121]