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Mama Cat hugging so hard her beloved ♥ baby

“I love you so much my sweet babyyyyyyy!” “Cuteness level: 200%.” “When your baby is your fav pillow.” [Video: TikTok]

Cinemagraph • Woman drinking a delicious cocktail with her cat

”What are you drinking Mom, it looks delicious?” [Unedited video: Daphne Groeneveld for Dior Addict]

“Kitty, let's go for a ride in the park…

…felt the urge to pick it up and put in your pocket?” “I’m a lazy kitty, I do prefer to be carried.” “That’s the dream! I want a trench coat full of kittens! Think crazy cat lady from the Simpsons without the throwing. “When bae takes you somewhere…” “Hi there! I’m the kitten and jacket owner. Got it from urban planet.” [ Video @chillbyivy]

Epic catfight in a cardboard box

“Occupied! Get off my box b*tch, this is my home, sweet home.” “Two cats & one box but there can be only one!” “Me when my little brother used to walk into my bedroom as I was getting dressed…” [Video:]

Day 158: when your crazy cat thinks he’s still a kitten!

“Yeah, can’t stop, won’t stop!” “My cat did it to my ear lobe…and still tries and has…6 years old!” “This is both cute and strange.” “Tries to pull hand away *suckling intensifies*” “It was bottle fed far too long hence why he’s sucking on the finger.” [ Video @fataliciousromeo]

Weird cat looks like Michael Jackson at the beginning of ‘Thriller’ when he changes into the…wolf!

“Why does this cat have a human face?! It’s tripping me out!” “A human man in a cat suit.” “It’s a “ LYKOI cat ”, called also the “ Wolf-cat ”. A very rare cat race” “No.. No…this is a Human stuck inside a cat’s body!” “This is a creepy ass cat with that human face.” “He has a weirdly human face, it kinda makes me uncomfortable.” [ Video @catsvillcounty]