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2 affectionate feral kitties love 💕 cat lover who feed them

“There are so cute with their 2 tails shaped as a 💓 heart.” ”Purr love, you can find it in the street.” ”Good human, you make our hearts go BOOM ... BOOM ...” 😻 ♥ Adopt, don't shop ♥

You are not you when you are hunger!

“You mean ‘hung-r-y’ not hunger, 🤣 LOL.” “Now I need to buy the cats a bread pillow.” “OMG, so tiny cat! Compare the size of the bread to the size of the cat, I cant' believe it .” “‘Wild bunny kicks' Mode activated!” “Kitty, why so naughty? Because your cat toys are shitty! I hate them! haha”   [ Video @asya_photocat]