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When your Ninja cat believes he can fly like a pigeon. Epic FAIL! 🤣

“Catch us if you can, silly cat!” birds said, haha.” “Should have went after the bird squawking in the background.” “What a beast. Took off like Michael Jordan.” “Me trying to socialize but…” [ Video @ คนที่อยู่ไม่ใช่ คนที่ใช่ไม่เจอ]

Curious cat on psychedelic background looking at something...

“Let me see, very interesting, indeed...”

Cat with green sunglasses proudly riding his roomba: “They see me rollin’ they hatin'”

“They see me rollin' they hatin'” “Like a boss.” “I’m the king of roombas.” “So funny and proud.” [ Video @missandeiya]