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They say: “All you need is love and... a Cat”

I say: “Nope, all you need is a cat.” (because a CAT iS  💕 💕 💕 LOVE !)

Proof that a CAT iS 💓 LOVE >> “I love you so much my beloved Mom, do you understand?”

“Unconditional  ♥ love! Adorable and sweet kitty!” Jealous guy: “Honey, this is the reason I don’t want you to have a cat…you should give all your love to me…not to your kitty.” “Don’t leave me my hooman, I need you 24/7.”

Meanwhile...two clever cats play Japanese board game like humans!

“Yes hooman, as you can see…we can do it!’ “What? I’m trying to develop the purrfect strategy.” “And now they steal our board games, our little monsters are evolving!”