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Amazing kitten sleeping on car dashboard!

“Those CATurdays where you just want to relax.“ “ They Cops see me rollin’… they hatin’.” “Nap time is nap time, WHATEVER!” “I think he's playing dead, hahaha.” “Kittens are liquid.” [Video: Surge Yarmolyuk]

Purrfect kisses on mouth ♥ And they say cats aren’t affectionate…

“Get yourself a cat like that…bet this cat will love you more than your future husband…” “Come here girl! I know you want to kiss my lips because I’m sexy.” “Who needs a boyfriend when you have an affectionate kitty?” “OMG this cat is so manly and dominant: blondie is like his sexual slave, mwahahaha.” [ Video @sivan.shearouse]

Cat looking at a cat looking at a cat looking at a cat looking a cat... lying on floor on its back!

Cats = curiosity, level 100!