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“OMG! Mom, what the hell are you doing, YOU MAD???"

“C'mon kitty, enjoy it! Your diet is over !” “Okay, Okay, I love it but not all at once, please!” “I love his face, he is so concerned, disturbed and confused.” “It's a sad day, my human is having a mental breakwown !” “My hooman is broke. HALP!” “Ahhhh, the final stage. She was cat lady and at that moment she crossed the line to CRAZY cat lady!” “Is this a trap of some sort human? I sense danger.” “Let’s try this, Kitty, it's NEW and they say it's tasty !” “Help, my food dispenser is broken!” “Of course the poor cat is scared, that's clearly not normal behavior from his weird human.” “She's crazy, must stay away.” “Hey, stop it. I'm not a tiger just a kitty.” “Not funny human, I know you try to kill me with a food overdose !” “Haha that face!” “Poor girl, she needs new glasses!” “It's a treat avalanche .“ “I thing the crazy girl needed the bag for something else, hahaha!” “What the hell is wrong with you, Mom?!” “Omg, Omg, It's ra

Cinemagraph • Confused cat looking at a weird house plant in the mirror

“Beautiful color flower but what kind of sorcery is this?”