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Car exhaust? Warm bed, the purrfect spot for a good nap

“OMG, check before you guys start the engine.” “Warm? That's scary.” “It's heating up on car exhaust.” “WHAT? This doesn't concern you, walk away!” “He needs to move before the car starts.” “Just warming his cold balls, hahaha!” “This is why I bang on my hood in the morning before I start my car.” “Thai kitties know how to relax!” “In my opinion he won't get into any troubles with that. When the car engine started he would have fled at top speed out of hit wits. You can't underestimate famous cat-like reflexes.”

“Human, I catch your fuck*ng RED DOT and...


Tiny kitty, please stop being so cuuuuute!

“What a white and pink cutie.” ♥ “Purrfect and SEXY bed for kitties.” [Video: Crazy Cat Lovers]