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“How’s your quarantine going? (with your kitty) • Pretty ♥ cute & lazy ‘Eric’ over here

“Oh! My! Goodness! The most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!” “Wonderfully cute! You guys are awesome together.” 👍 “Awwww this is too adorable for words! Lots of love fluffy baby ‘Eric’” • Le confinement n'est pas un calvaire pour tout le monde : nos chats sont tellement heureux de pouvoir se faire câliner à longueur de journée. “Maaaaan, you made my day! That's so great.” “This just makes me happy“ “At first, head rubs, but then he wants belly rubs.” “ REAL men love cats .” 💕 “Adorable! ‘Eric’ is the cutest cat ever!” • "Merci pour les gratouilles sur la tête, j'apprécie, mais si tu pouvais m'en faire sur le ventre ce serait encore meilleur." “‘Eric’ you’re ridiculously cute like, I can’t even describe your cuteness... I’m beyond words... I’m speechless....I'm DEAD!” “Awww ‘Eric’ soooo lovely and sweet kitty.” 💖 “What a cutie, I love you so much.” “Sweet floof ‘Eric’. Love your beautiful bed. Purrfct for your big tail.” “Baaaaaaby 😍 get

“Dude, what are you doing, what are you wearing? Your crappy mask is not an anti-COVID-19 mask!”

“It's my new homemade mask. Not purrfect but anything it better than nothing, they said.” • 23e jour de confinement ! Quand le pharmacien n'a toujours pas de masque anti-virus à te proposer et que tu bidouilles n'importe quel sorte de masque afin de te rassurer. “Now I'm popular on social medias. Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.” “I'm Catman!” “I'm bagcat.” “I'm a cat burglar.” “I'm a fashion victim.” “I'm invisble.” “I'm ridiculous (and I know it)” “I'm... Guess who?” “Uh dude...WTF? What's with the outfit?" • Quand tu n'as toujours pas compris que le virus passe par la bouche, le nez et les yeux.

Day 18, bored in quarantine: teaching your cat ‘calculus’

“Kitty, what is Calculus? More specifically limits. Algebra deals with relation between things. like x=m, while calculus deals with changes.” “Sorry Mom, but I don't understand that sh*t.” • Quand tu aides ton chat à reviser sa prépa 'Math Sups' durant le confinement.   “Poor kitty, he looks confused, he's gonna cry... like me on high school during math, hahaha!” 🤣 “The mice are not going to be happy about this.”