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Day 27 of quarantine be like when you only have your cat to play with :)

And the winner is... • Quand papy, qui s'ennuie grave, défie le chat dans un match fou, au 33e jour du confinement ! “You both are so awesome.” “45 días de confinamiento y el abuelo... jajaja!” “What a talented kitty and funny grandpa.” “Sehr Süss Bravo.”👍 “I could do this until the quarantine is over.”

Cat ride with the cat: when people become hypochondriacs

“It's so cute. But cats can not spread covid, right?” “Ante todo la seguridad de la bendición.” “Too much is to much, haha.” • Quand tu es hypocondriaque et que tu penses que deux précautions valent mieux qu'une, y compris pour protéger ton chat.

Social Distancing? OK kitty, you're doing it right

Fearful cat maintaining social distance with innocent duckling while taking a little nap during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. “Hahaha, birds are fuck*ng stubborn!”

Day..75 in Quarantine! Crazy girl spinning hard her innocent kitty

And no one can stop her! “Must call the exorcist!” “Girls gone wild.” “Dizzy mode coming soon...” • Quand tu craques complètement après plus de 4 semaines de confinement, prenant subitement le chat pour une toupie...