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Cute and funny ‘Bobbing heads in sync’ Team in action!

“This is way too much cutenesses.” ❤️ “I’m in love with these 5 cuties.” “Please, can I adopt one of these funny kitties? Hooow cuuutee...” “Why why why so cute?” “Right-left right-left right-left...playful kittens are always fuk*ng funny.” [ Video @沙拉酱拌番茄]

Level up Challenge during the Quarantine
Well done kitty, purrfect jump: Level 11!

Owner: “ LEVEL 11 . My cat (she) jumps higher than yours!” 😜 “Yep: she's Simply THE BEST!” “Playful girl, graceful girl and...good girl!” /!\ And tomorrow, we're going to try a crazy... LEVEL 12 !!! /!\ [Video: denizzpk@TikTok]

NO impurrsible mission! Liquid kitty squeezing under a glass door

“Cat anatomy 1: if the head fits, the cat is already in.” “Cat anatomy 2: if the belly fits, the cat is already in.” “Cat anatomy 3 : if the head and the belly fit, it's done!” “Cats don't squeeze under things, they flow under them.” “That one is fucking flexible!” “NEVER GIVE UP!”

When your crazy big fluffy cat wants to be a little fish!

Ragdoll cat thinks he’s a fish, well he's liquid, whatever. “OK human, I'm ready, now try to fill the thank with water...” “I have no idea what I'm doing but I must do it.” 

Quarantine • Level up Challenge • Amazing Level 9 - 9,5 - 10?

Level 10? Well, almost....I mean Level 9,5. Graceful young white kitty. 👍 [video @hapumicats]

♥ It's baby bottle time for a tiny cutie ♥

“Oh my...can't handle the cuteness.” “So tiny baby, still closed eyes.” “Look at her little legs!” “She's making *tiny* biscuits.”