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Amazing workout! Savannah cat runs super fast on his exercise wheel

Image and for sure no one will catch you. [Video @mikefxtv]

Adorable kitten falls asleep on Mom's shoulder. So precious ♥ baby

“My tiny Kitten loves to sit on my LEFT shoulder and I can walk with him. And always on the same shoulder :)” [ Video @fosterkittens]

Level up Challenge 💥 WOAH, she hit an incredible Level 12!!! 👀 (2 GIFs)

Owner: “Can any cat do it better?” “Dude, I think It's the World record 👍 your cat is amazingly amazing! She deserves place in the Guinness Book of records !” “Yep, she's - easily - won the ‘Level up challenge’ (cat version) ” “She's really flyyyying! So young, thin & light, fast and graceful.” “Proof that BENGAL cats are pawesome!“  [Video: denizzpk@TikTok] “Yes kitty, you're a good 💖 girl and you love your toy.” “And yes, you're the challenge Winner 🏆 and... ' Simply The Best '!” 👏

Fearful cat tries to join his friend the lizard in the bathtub, haha

“‘Alistair’ the cat is fine, the lizard is fine, and we’re all living happily ever after, so don’t be afraid to laugh.” [Video: MountainCry]

Amazing cat climbing down the roof like...a fireman

'“Yep, easy to me, because in a previous live I was a fireman.“ [Video: Пользователь]

“Human, please pet me, I’m a poor motherless Kitty ;( ”

Awwdorable orphan newborn kitten needs love ♥ “How tiny and cute.” “Its toes look like wittle jelly beans.” [Video: Rok Markan]

Possessive cat is possessive: “Gimme all the toys...

...because they are mine…mine…ALL MINE!” [Video: theCatsNews]