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1…2…3…4… Purrfect sit-ups like human but…

Image gives up, BOOM! “That's enough for today.” “This amazing Cat performs some ab-crunching moves before… slumping onto the floor in exhaustion, haha.” [Video: Lydia Willgress for MailOnline]

Tiny ‘Meow’ + adorable *BLEP*

”Beautiful golden eyes.” 💕 “Such an expressive face.” ❣️ “So shy, funny and cute kitty.” “Cute mini pink tongue.” “My last brain cells be like.” [ Video @thatcatbobbie]⠀

Meanwhile in Bulgaria a green cat is chilling in the street!

“The extraordinary sight of this bright green cat on the streets of Varna has caused a certain amount of uproar in the black sea resort town. In fact the emerald green cat is this hue reportedly because it usually sleeps on an abandoned heap of synthetic green paint in a garage.” [Video: Rex Features]

Funny ‘Maru’: “Draw me like one of your French girls...”

As you can see cats are evolving day after day... “They told me I could be anything, so I became a SEXY MODEL for painters.”

Milk time! Cute kitty holding his bottle with right paw

“Baby floof is too cute, I think I just died a little bit on the inside.” [Video @hurayra_persians]

Funny Persian cat with Lion haircut is meowing

“Mom, I'm not happy: yesterday I lost one bottom tooth and today... my fur! What Have I Done to Deserve This?” [ Video @hong_derella]