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Emotional Kitty. All she needs is LOVE & TENDERNESS ♥

“Meow…human, pet me please, please.” “ Talk to, the paw .” “Hey lazy hooman, stop watching Television and pay attention to me.” [Video: BurdonFromp]

Curious cat works out how to use a tape measure

“A measure of feline intelligence. That kinda thing. ‘Colin’ the Cat tries to use my tape measure.” [Video: Jane Love]

Funny kitten with amazing HELiCOPTER tail (2 GIFs)

 “Look Mom, I believe I can fly.” “What a funny helicopter tail. Kitty wants to fly by his own, haha.” [ Video @borboladorii]

Funny cat reaction to Japanese cat piggy bank

What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen! “A friend of ours gave us this funny Kitty piggy bank and our Cat ‘Marmelade’ was very intrigued with it.” “I think the cat face was like: “Oh no that cat took our masters money, that was my Job!” “Why you stealing the human money?! We need that so they can buy food and Catnip for us.” [Video: Cat Man Chris]

Arrogant kitten sticking her long tongue out

“Na-Na-Na-Na, I'm a cute kitty!" “Nope, you're an irreverent  kitten.”

Proud pirate cat with his new Captain Hook costume

“How to turn your patient cat into a badass Captain hook pirate with an irresistibly funny Pirate cat Costume.” “Pirate catwalk.” [ Video @slhaus033]