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Funny cat looking derpy when falling asleep or trying to stay awake

“The story behind this video that went viral on the Internet: ever since quarantine, she has major fear of missing out with my husband and I home all day and tries to stay awake with us. She’s not zooted, just looks really derpy when falling asleep or trying to stay awake. She’s part of the smol percentage of cats that does not care for catnip interestingly enough! How ironic that the highest looking cat on the internet right now doesn’t even care for that meowi waui!” “When the payroll issues raised everyday.” “She looks extremely ‘Monday’.” “Me: when I’m sleepy and tired.” “Me laying on bed and thinking about my fuck*ng existence!” "Yo ayer luchando contra las feroces ganas de mimir." [ Video @mistylilkitty]

Curious Persian cat videobombs oriental dancer :)

“DAFUK Mom? This is your new phone, I presume.” “Curiosity killed the cat video.” [ Video @Maleeva]

Party Hard. Crazy dancing Cat

♪ ♫ When your jam comes on in the Club ♪ ♫ [ Video : M. Weeden]

Purple balloon gets stuck to head cat through static electricity

“HALP! What the hell is that? GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!” [Video: FinalDesign]

Cute present for Cat ♥ Lovers :)

Adorable American shorthair kitten... “Dude, It's very dangerous to go alone, take this ferocious bodyguard.” [Video: Whiskas TV commercial]

Cat playing a funny Peekaboo under blanket

Or a super fast hide and seek?