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Lazy fluffy cat chilling on his banister (Monorail Cat)

“I walk out of my bedrom at my home and my Siberian cat ‘Priyah’ is lying on the banister with her legs hanging down either side.“ “Fearless acrobat kitty.” “WHAT? I'am doing my daily Yoga.” “Purrfect balance.” [Video: ViralHog]

When you show bae an amazing video on YouTube!

“Have a look my 'Smoothie', this cat is fluffier than we are!” [ Video @smoothiethecat]

When your innocent cat see you NAKED for the first time! 👀

“OMG, What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen!.” “WHAT did you say? No more catnip?” “Whaaat? We're going to the vet tomorrow?!”  [Video: Yener1907]

Cute tired kitten gently falling asleep in human hands

Good night sweet baby. [Video: Ryan Hooper]

Cat + rug + laser = purrfect earthquake simulator

“The sum of the forces in the system is equal to the mass of the cat times the sum of the effective accelerations on the carpet.” [Video: Ben Torode]

Black cat has scary hypnotic eyes!

“If you look at my eyes you become my slave.” “2 cats in one: from black cat to white cat in a second of time!”