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“Knock...Knock... Is there anybody in here?”

“YEP! I’m the rock owner, what do you want?” “Cute mini Blep” ♥ “Peekaoo, it's me!” [Video: Arthur Sellati]

Cinemagraph • Funny cat - looking at camera - moves only right ear

“I can ear you hooman, you're very noisy today with your fuck*ng vacuum cleaner. Can I rest quietly please?”

Look at those amazing kitty's ears and praying paws :)

Yoda Kitty, so freaking cute. “Amazing animated ears.” “Lindinho gatos tudo de bom. Espero que ce tenha dormido bem...” “Precioso gatito, que orejas mas raras, me encanta.” [ Video @midorinotanbo]

When your vocal coach cat is angry because you missed the right note!

“Cats have sensitive ears. It hurts! 'Meow' translation >> “STFU!” “Don’t laugh at me human! Shut up, b*tch, I’m the only singer here!” “Hooman you're hurting my ear. Do you know that? Do you know that? Why are you laughing? OK, Imma bite your hand.” “May be the cat thinks the girl vocalize pain and tries to help her.” “The high pitch sounds hurts his ears also its too loud remember cats audition its several times better than ours.” “When I'm practicing high demanding songs, with belting and such, my cat would come to me like he's checking if I'm okay. He's so cute, he calls me with his paw and sits on my lap.” “Wait for it. She was afraid to get slapped by the cat. LMFAO.” “When your cat has finally had enough of your shitty songs!” “Haha, my cat has the same reaction when I sing! He gets so weird and scary!” [ Video @catsandmusic]

Cat and lamb cuddling. They are cute & best friends

“Most nights they will cuddle up to each other and fall asleep.” “Head butts of love.” [Video: Life Of Shannen]

SLAP! SLAP! When your cat hates steamed vegetables :/

“F*ck your disgusting vegetables, I'm not vegan, gimme raw meat!” [Video: Flo Perry]