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Clearly that cat hates her harness and doesn’t want to go outside

“Cats don't get used to new things quickly. Just be patient. Many cats respond like this at first.” “I bought her a harness so she could go outside. Just dead legs it.” “My cat sits by the door now to tell me to put on harness. Even with the rig, if left alone he tries to catch birds! Little monster.” [Video: davefive]

Cute Scottish fold cat enjoys belly rubs

Cat: “Tip for Kitties: guys, if you lie down like me, your human MUST give you belly rubs, hehe.” “It's so good Mom, I'm falling asleep...” [Video: Jellebol]

The popping cat vs. the Metronome: epic FAIL!

“Ticking metronomes are the weirdest enemies for innocent cats.” [Video: Hoi Ki Chan]

Instant Karma! Naughty kid tries to throw a kitten in the fountain but...

“hahaha...little hooman!” “At least the kid learned his lesson: don't mess with clever and graceful kitties.” “You get what ya derserve!” “Proof that kittens are smarter than human babies.” “It was not a good idea.“

That’s one lightning quick Kitten defense!

WTF? Fast hide and seek?  “Nope, our Kitten 'Ally' tries out the new gym back and viciously defends it with quick jabs at the speed of light.” [Video: C.Lundbye]

Happy cat jumping and bouncing like a crazy kangaroo

“Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!” [ Video @Icharlie_critter]