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↓ World's Okayest Pet ↓

  "If it fits I am tired... I sits." [ Video @meow_york_kitties]

‘Oreo’ the funny Tuxedo MeerCat spying 👀 on...

 “This is our new butler”. [ Video @The Oreo Cat]

Nap attack. Oops...cute kitten swinging ↔

Kitty trying hard not to fall asleep, poor baby she's so tired... “Resistance is futile, it's nap time baby.” [Video Source: Alex J.]

That sad moment when one of your cats realizes that he's not your favorite cat anymore ;(⠀

“Poor jealous kitty, he looks so sad.” “Kitty's heart is broken for ever.” 💔 “I had to see to believe it, how could you, Mom ?!” “That killing look  Be careful with that one when you fall asleep and good luck...” “That face is sad but priceless.” “Poor thing >> It's a broken life >> The end is near >> Suicide is coming...” “That's life: there can be only one favorite.”

Fearful cat scared from BiG Bro (Puma) on TV

“‘Luna’ the cat was going to stand her ground.” [Video: PeteyVine]

“Hey you want some catnip?”