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Snuzzy (*) kitty playing hard with his new toy :)

"Our cute little kitten just discovered the ‘Get the ball’ toy. He looks so happy :)" “They see me ROLLIN', they hatin'” 😄 [Video: Tommy, Gracie & Leo] ------- (*) Snuzzy : primarily pertaining to pets KiTTENs ♥, a purrfect adjective that describes the unique quality of being CUTE & FUNNY at the same time!

Fearless praying mantis squares off against curious cat. BOOP!

“My cat is like that with spiders. Plays with them and gets bored. But let a fly or moth into the house and its...World War 6!” [Video: Gentry Ferguson]

Weird & derpy cat sleeping upside down (catnip overdose)

  “What a spazz.”

Vegan cat and tortoise snack on lettuce together

A ginger cat and his big friend share a delicious lettuce: Love ♥ is sharing your food [ Video @tallgrassparrotsanctuary]

Boing! Boing! Boing! Funny kitty looks like a hopping rabbit! :)

“Or a fluffy frog.” “Nope, must be a new breed: a CATILOPE!” “It's to much grass for your kitty cat.” “Look at that beautiful feline prancing through the field.” “🎵 Little bunny foo foo hoppin through the forest.” “Just a jolly cloud running in the flourishing fauna.” “The best and funniest cat jumps ever!” [ Video @fantasticflora]

2 funny cats wearing McDonald's hats, boobing their heads...

Image a funny and nervous way.

Jerk parrot (naughty boy) annoying a sleepy cat

A very very patient and tolerant cat, poor kitty, let him sleep! [Video: Vendunar]

Funny 'Subwoofer kitten' enjoys good vibrations xD

When your funny kitty likes body massages by the SubwOoWoowOowoOWoowFer. [Video: CaNeDEZK @youtube]