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Cat thief! Clever cat steals treats in the drawer in an acrobatic way

“Hoomans, don't mess with me, these treats are mine, WHATEVER!”

Tiny ginger kitty likes back scratchies

“How is it legal to be this small.” “How is it legal to be this cute.” “How is it legal to be this funny.” “Look at this literal bean. It’s adorable!.” “Cute little fluff nugget.” “My heart is melting ♥

SPLASH! Clumsy cat falls in fish tank, haha

“Wait, I'm not clumsy, it's my new swimming pool :/” [Video: Funny Fail videos]

Funny fight: startled cat and kitten jumping in sync

Funny fast reflexes :) “Copy cat.” “Funny tails.” [Video: jawelink]

Desperate cat tormented by a fearless squirrel

“So near but yet so far away. Jack the Cat is tormented by the ever elusive Squirrel on the other side of the window. He desperately tries to get to fearless Squirrel.” [Video: Max and Katie the Great Danes]

“SOON”. Cat with laser eyes hidden under rug...

Image ready to pounce: sneak attack coming soon!