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Today, kitty does not allow people to use ATMs!

“Dude, leave me alone, It's nap time, please come back later, Zzzz...Zzzz...” “No money, only belly rubs” ;)

That funny cat got a new friend and a new scratch pad

“And the bearded dragon enjoys all that unexpected love.” “He uses it to brush his fur.” “Amazing scratching pole.” “My smell is your smell.” “Cat be like: ‘Human, look at me, now your pet lizard and I are friends, so now feed me more than usual coz' I'm a good boy.”

Funny kitten playing tennis in a funny & kitty way :)

Point, Game & set, kitty wins! (OK, bunny kick helps to win)

When your cat is possessive and stubborn: “Miiiiiiiiiine!”

“Believe me, he won't let go.” “Never give uuuuuuuuuup!”  [ Video @maruelmoruru]

Funny black and then, white cat swinging in front of camera

“Human, I have no idea what I'm doing!” “Don't worry kitty, just have fun and enjoy that new game...”

Clumsy cat stuck in screen door (but then he manages to get out)

“Cats are a peculiar creature. They can put themselves in the strangest places. Most of the time they manage to get out of it too. Gotta love cats.” [Video: Kyoot Animals]