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“Please good humans, feed me, I'm so hungry.”

“Thank you for feeding that poor feral cat.” ❤️ “Purrect Fast food shop for kitties (and for free!)” “For sure, this is a regular customer.” 😀 “Awwww poor little angel.” “Yummy...yum yum yum time”

Sweetest baby girl ‘Bambi’ (one month young)

“I’m crying from the cuteness.” “This kitty in 2 words: absolutely awwdorable.” ❤️ “I wanna hear his lil' squeak MEOW.” “Such a cute British shorthair kitty.” “Hi ‘Bambi’, you're a lovely doll!” “Purrfect little tiger stripes on this (ferocious) baby.” “Yep, she looks like a tiny fluffy tiger.” “So precious, I love her so much I can't breath.” [ Video @ fluffy_nerfs]

Amazing cat swimming faster than his human

“Impurrsible mission? NOPE Mom, I can do it!” [Video: Marcztr]

Clever cat turns light off in the clothes cabinet

“Because It's nap time, leave me alone please, this is my bedroom...Zzzz..Zzzz...” [ Video @Harry the Cat]

Grooming time: cute kitty licking his left paw

“ cuuuute!” [ Video @cattery_greycat]

When your chubby cat changes his mind...

“Oops, it's too hot outside, so I will stay inside and I'll go out later...”