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“Wait kitty, I have to deliver some packages, I'll be back in an hour.”

“NOoOoOoOo, don't leave me, I come with you, I don't want to be alone, TAKE ME WITH YOU!” “Haha look how that clever kitten is taking shortcuts to get the delivery driver!” “When you're the choosen one (because cats choose their humans)” “Hey, Wait! You're delivering me to the wrong address.” “OK, now amazon deliver...kittens.” “The way kitty runs away is so funny and adorable.” “Man, being a delivery driver is scary these days.” “Guard kittens? Very vicious, trained to attack on sight, so run for your life! Ferocious kitten: “And don't come back!” “Wait for it! I wonder how many times the delivery guy did that. Because he KNEW he had to run to escape...” “Run Forrest, run...“ “Adopt a kitty, don't shop.” “3...2...1...CATch me if you can.” “I'm trying to figure out whether or not the kitten was following him because it was homeless?” “This kitten is too small to be outside alone.” “Anyway, he runs super fast for something the size of a big s

And suddenly, the... CATastrophe! Pets of chaos...

“OMG, what a mess, thank you cats...” “Sorry Mom, your makeup corner is dead! RiP+” “At first, nothing was knocked over but then everything was!” 🤣 “Poor Mom, they tore ALL that sh*t up!” “It's a little big disaster.” “Ahhh the love of having 2 ( MALE ) cats.” “Too much testosterone can lead to aggression and risky behavior and you can see the result!” “Holy crap your cats are not in love, they're in trouble.” “Sneakiest attaaaack ever!” “And this is part of the reason why none of my makeup stuff is just sitting out on the counter.” “Ninja cat strikes again! Resistance is futile” [Video: catfights]

When your amazing kitty becomes a…FLOATiNG cat!

“Clever kitty: if you can’t swim, just float , hehe.” “The cat had to relax his body to be able to float: very smart cat, breaking the rules.” “Clever kitty: if you can’t swim, just float, hehe.” “Floating Cat? A new cat breed.” “Nope, he looks like a ‘Turkish Van’. That’s a breed that is quite famous for their love for water.” “That is so cute. He just floats like a human and does care. Bless him.” [Video: Kelli Mitchell]

“Feelin’ da wind in my fur.” (shh...he thinks he's a døg)

“They see me rollin', they hatin'” [ Video @stanleythegentlemanlycat]

Ginger kitty is in love with her Teddy bear

“I love you my  beloved Teddy, do you understand?” “NSFW. This is HOT! “(I hope teddy is over 18 years old)