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Cute kitty preciously grooming her lil front paw ♥

“Cats and kittens are the cleanest pets in the world” “Adorable pink tongue.” “She looks comfy on her white pillow.” “I believe I could watch this all day long! Makes me really want a kitten. I have two cats already though.”. “Holding it's own little paw, awwww! Absolutely stunning little kitten.” “So cute little ears: I want to bite them.” “Oh my goodness what a cutie ♥” ”So incredibly cute face, the making muffins while grooming...Squee! I'm dead!” [ Video @sweetheartkittens]

CAUTION! Close your doors & windows. ‘Monk’ the creepy vampurr...

...wants to suck human blood! “And with his huge tongue he can lick your blood as weel.” [ Video @monkandbean]

Judo cat strikes again: purrfect IPPON! 👍

“Attack and...counterattack! Never attack first.” “And his name is John Cena cat!” “Mortal combat style.” “That’s a purrfect IPON (one full point). Down for the count” “Born to be wild, fast and purrious.” “I won, the game is over, bastard!”  “The greatest cat smack down of all time.” “This was is a creepy tail movement! Do not touch your cat when he's like this.” “Beautiful technique on that hip toss.”

Funny cat wagging his tail through front fly

“I'm sexy...and I know it!”

Copy Cat. Funny kitten copies her own moves seen on PC monitor

“I can help you Bro, together we gonna catch that fuck*ng white dot!” [Video: armynia]

Confused Siamese cat with a weird yellow helmet

“I'm not amused! Will you please take this sh*t off my head!?” “You'll pay for this, Human!” [Video: Mecha]