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‘Thor’ the gorgeous Bengal cat enjoying sweet belly rubs

“I'd love to cuddle your tigerbelly.” “Woah! So beautiful coat!” “A jewelry from the universe.”🐈 “Beautiful ‘tabby’ fur on his paws.” “Ohhhh what a beauty.” “That color a mini big wild feline.” “I want a Bengal kitty so bad.” “Bellissimo!” “He's such a beautiful boy.” “That mighty kitty’s coat is so purrfect that even the most prized show cats would be jealous!” [ Video @ bengalthor]

Awwdorable fluffy Scottish fold kitty walking in a cute way

“Purrfect 'Wanted Poster Criminal' Big beautiful eyes, tiny ears, pink little nose, fluff ball and a pointy tail.” “Mom, where are my ears, I lost them yesterday?” “Look at that cute happy tail.” “Those big eyes!” “Stop...I have cutenesses overload. Precious baby kitty.” “Waddle, wiggle, waffle floof.” “That tiny little snoot.” [ Video @sweetheartkittens]

Amazing cat having a relax time in a bucket…full of water!!!

Check out the real “Waterproof  cat”πŸ˜‹ And they say: “All Cats are afraid of water.” hahaha he's breaking the rules! “Summer bath time.” [Video: T. Jackson]

Suddenly...Heart attack! (funny cat playing dead, haha)

“Blargh! What have I done to deserve this shitty costume?“ “Adios cruel world, I regret nothing...” [Video: Simon Almhage]

Nap time. Very relaxed kitty sleeping on its back Zzzz... Zzzz...

Funny hind legs & cute front legs πŸ˜€

Funny demonic black cat with hypnotic eyes...

...sticking his tongue out. πŸ˜› “Be polite please, little monster.”