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Cute meeting in the backyard between a fearless cat and a curious deer

'Oliver' the cat: “You're welcome, a little kiss sweet deer?” [Video: Brian Maffitt]

Potato kitten chilling in his potato bed

Crazy Cat: “Yep, potatoes are all my life: bed, pillow, blanket and hat.” [Video: Elizabeth Kasyanova] “I love ♥ you my big potato, do you understand?”

Fattest & fluffiest cat ever, running super fast (Turbo mode activated)

“I'm not fat bitches, I'm FAT-BULOUS!” [Video: animal.videos @]

Jumping kitten tries to catch a pigeon but...fails miserably

Kitten: “Gonna catch you and eat you, naughty bird.” Pigeon: “Bla...Bla...Bla...”

‘Tyatora’ & ‘Shiro’ napping together with a ♥ heart cushion

“Aww...You look really adorable with that heart cushion. Lovely Kitties ❤ Sweet dreams.” 😭 😭 “ Shiro , and Tyatora , we miss you, It WaS HaPpY DaYs , RIP Kittie...” 💔 💔 [Video: かご猫]

Big cat climbs into a jar because he wants to prove he's liquid

“Follow me Bro, we have to hide ourselves because you never know when the ZOMBIES will come.“ [ Video @theodore.and.archibald]