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Haha...boxing cat gone wild :/ “You mad, Bro?”

“May be It's a magic basket with a portal into a land of tuna and catnip, haha.” “Weird cattitude.” “Catnip overdose: he thinks he's MIKE TYSON !” 😂  [ Video @mayumaple]

OWNED! Water everywhere mystery is now solved xD

“WHAT? I'm just swimming and drinking at the same time.“ “OK kitty feel to drink here, or bathe, whatever you want, it's your world.” “Many Cats do this, mine too and she's 15! I can never tell if she's washing her paw, checking the water temperature, or making sure there's really water in the bowl?” “haha Ich schmeiß mich weg...das kennen wir doch irgendwo her und plötzlich schwimmt die ganze Küche.” “Una piccola nuotatina e una bevuta.” “Aguem Avisa que água bebe com a boca? Hahaha!” [ Video @pawsofoz]

OMG, suddenly...huge crash and amazing cat back flip!

“??? But...what the hell did just happen?” “Who am I, where am I? I have no idea.” “So fast and purrious Ninja cat: when you see him, it's already too late, haha!”  [Video: OoooShinyThings]

When two snuzzy kittens follow the leader 😁

Run Forrest… Run…two wild beasts want to catch you! [Video: funnycats]

C’mon my kitty, a sunny day: let’s go for a little walk in the park

“Nooooope, don’t wanna go, I hate your fuck*ng red leash.” [Video: A. Zyrcowitch]

Amazing & cool cat sitting like human with paws on the railing

Very relaxed, like a (lazy) Boss. [Video: Cat +1 Channel]