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Amazing! Ninja cat doing back flip iNSiDE cardboard box

When a Devon rex cat decides to escape from his box, nothing can stop him, haha! (not photoshopped) “haha some cats are really crazy!” [ Video @cacioepeperexes]

Ferocious kitten attacks human foot (haha these little monsters)

“ROAR! I'am a ferocious beast!” “Oh my... How cuuuuuuuuute Kitty, I'm melting? I want onnneeeee.” “OOOH MEEEU DEEEUS, não tem nem tamanho de gente!“ "Me muero de amor. Que lindooo por favor eso me lo hacía kiri de pequeñita pero atacaba a morder los ñoños daba miedo porke a mi q me atacará los ñoños me daba grima." [ Video @studio_allive Yangpyeong]

Amazing ‘werewolfcat’, confused by two ribbons on his head. “WTF?”

“Help mom, the decorations are attacking me!“ “I still can't believe this is a Persian cat but he is so funny and cute!” ♥ [ Video @atchoumfan]

SPLASH! Clumsy cat falling in the bathtub full of water

“I've made a huge mistake, I must admit: I'm not waterproof.” “This was a (wet) suicide!”  [ Video @ mel_1119]

Tiny kitten greedily drinking milk from her mini baby bottle

♥ Aww...a cute white kitty being cute ♥ [Video: nanouchka]

Cat stuck in cardboard box falls on floor. Cat life is tough!

WTF Bro?  “HALP… I’m stuck. I’ll start my diet tomorrow, I swear.” “Are you OK?”  ” NO! ”  😂 [Video: We Believe in Nihilism]