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“Look, I can do i...Oh shit...SPLASH!” (Faster bath ever, hahaha)

“haha, what did you expect, crazy cat?” “A very very very quick bath.” “Poor cat.” “Poor fish.” “Poor pets.” “Poor thing, Ι shouldn’t be laughing but I do...” 😁 hahaha “Those fish was like “DAFUQ?!” “How it jumped out! “Nice swim, good reflexes!” “Looked like jumping jack splash!” “I have made a huge (and wet) mistake!” “I bet he realize he made a big fat wrong decision afterward.” 😂 “Than you kitty, now the floor is lava!”

Funny cat chirping hard, Mode ‘Fast Ekekekkekeek!’ activated

“All cats do it but this one is so funny and fast! Hahaha.” “OMG, a b-b-bi-bi-bir-bir-BIRD!” “Kitty needs a birdie.” 😻 “My cat acts like that too if  he sees a lizard running on the wall.” “This one is great!” 😂 “Fast and Ekekekkekeekous!” “Me, monday morning, trying to say one word in a presentation.” “She clearly commands the bird to come down and 'play' with her.” “Chirping while being held is the cutest & funniest thing.” [ Video @racheltillie]

Clever cat purrfectly knows how to turn on the water in the kitchen sink

“My cute Cat just want to help with the dishes :)” [Video: Susie Pearson Winston]

Hunt mode or playtime? What do you see?

Funny pouncing 'Tingeling' :) [ Video @tussetroll_and_tingeling]

Exhausted kitten dreaming ► Funny talkative kitty

“Hey kitty, what did you say?“ “Bla...Bla...Bla...Bla...Bla...“ “OK, I got it. Good night & sweet dreams.“ [ Video @nickiii_chia]

Curious and clumsy kitten falls into bathtub and then freaks out!

“HAAAAALP, I've made a huge mistake, gonna die!”