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*BLEP* cat is begging hard for...???

“I think it's a blue ‘cabbit’ beging for a...CARROT!  🥕 “Nope, he's teaching his human how to dance.” “WHAT-THE-FUCK-ARE-YOUR-DOING?” “Your weird cat is cute is broken or a little bit retarded.” “Cute, funny and derpy cat et the same time.” “If it fits, I sits (on my big ass) .” “cat.exe gone wild, must restart the weird and lazy beast.”  WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOiNG

Funny ‘Julion’ is happy in Hashikuirock

Sun, sea, rocks and fresh fishies >> Purrfect summer holidays for the lion cat. [ Video @_archange_]

When your cat realizes it wasn't a catnip's too late!

“Yup,  It's a fuck*ng catnip overdose!” “Salvador Dali would have been pleased with this wlaking kitty.” “It’s like the creepy Garfield sketches.” “Have a nice trip floating kitty.” “When you realize your octopus became a cat and lives in bikini bottom.” “It is a squid and a cat...we call it squat...or cuid...caid or sqat.” [Video @francois.vogel] “No, I haven't seen your LSD, but have you seen the fucking DRAGONS in the kitchen?!”

Funny & cute Scottish fold cat chirping at bi-bi-bi-birds!

Amazing & beautiful 'two-faced ' kitty ;) [Video: cat.ivi]

Playful kitty tries to catch the red dot but it's impurrssible mission :(

“GOTCHA!   Oh Noooeeesss!” “Poor kitty, he is so confused.” “Where did he go? Where is my red dot?” [Video: A. Smith]