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Beach patrol, fluffy lion 🦁 on duty

“Patrolling the beach...ha ha!” “Yes, yes...I'm living near the beach, I mean near MY beach, what else?” “What an adorable beach furr ball.” “Dear god! Big and fluffy, handsome and beauty.” “Wow a beautiful beach and a fab catwalk.” “Look at this beach lion.” “Like a Boss on his own private beach.” [ Video @thezenkitty]

Adorable Scottish fold kitty chilling on her private 'balcony'

“Aww...what a beautiful little babe 💖 I wanna kiss you from up to down my sweet kitty.” [ Video @matatabi_neko_house]

Challenge #Watermelon destruction! • “Are you ready?”

“1...2...3... BOOM! “ ׅ“Done, next one please!” “Poor innocent watermelon, RIP +”

“Hey lazy woman, wake up and feed me, I'm hungry!”

05:00 AM, Sunday morning! Have a cat they said, they are so cute they said...

When your cat decides to walk over sheet (Bye...Bye...)

“It’s not quicksand, it’s quicksheet :) Much silky than sand.” [Video: Kyoot Animals]