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Cute Ragdoll cat gives Koi carp a little kiss ♥

“My cat meets koi for the first time and wants to hug them. It’s true what they say about Ragdoll cats, they are very friendly and friends with everyone.” “Adorable and beautiful at the same time!” “Very sweet. It never ceases to amaze me how much more animals are able to communicate with other species. They have much to teach us.” [Video: Xiedubbel]

Super lazy cat walking down the steps like snake!

Monday morning, when you feel ill but your Mom tells you to get ready for school (haha) [Video: Cleber Moura]


When suddenly your cat changes his mind!

Playful kitten running after his white ball like crazy

“Gonna catch you sooner or later…” (endless game)

Clever and agile cat jumps and opens a closed door like a boss

“Haha, my sister's cat does that too. So, we have too LOCK the doors.” [ Video @borrianillitas]