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“Did my little swimming 'Winnie' make you smile? :)”

“Yep she is amazing and funny: better not get her TAIL wet.” “OMG, never seen a cat just get into water in a natural environment with a person before.” “Well done little sister, you're doing it right.” “Your cat is pawesome! My cat hates water...” “This cat likes swimming on her own initiative , that’s fuck*ng cool.” “How did you teach her to do that?” “I can’t even imagine. It’s unusual for kitty’s to swim.” “Absolutely on top of impressed me! All the cats I had NEVER EVER liked water.” “Hope everyone who got cats do this.” [ Video @nathan_thebeachcat]

Agile cat eating delicious ice cream in a teaspoon (funny position)

“Please, don’t move Mom, I love ♥ you like you're doing to me.” “Amazing kitty acting like a little human.” 👍 “Mlem... Mlem...Mlem...Brain freeze coming soon?” [ Video @white_coffee]

Fearful cat hiding under sheets as his human...

...talks about the VET, hahaha! 😂

CATurday >> Chill time. Cute kitten stretch + Mama Cat hugging her kitty

“Cuteness overloaded. Let me go, Mama! They are so adorable, I love them. Cats are kinda cute.” “Original wir beide, ich kann nicht ruhig liegen bleiben und du nimmst es geduldig hin.” “Che dolci. Vuoi giocare con la tua mamma!” “Por Dios, qué cuchuraaaa, son tan tiernos y peluditos.” “Eu tenho uma vontade enorme de apertar essas coisinha.” [ Video @m.ju_n_page]

Grooming time for this cute fluffy Persian kitten

Big pink tongue ► Purrfect kitty grooming

Crazy cat suckling from his tail. “It's my new pacifier.”

And kneading the air because she's happy.” “And, other pets can't understand...” 😺 [Video: Angelina_cats]