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Funny & cute DEAF kitty trying to catch (sunny) dust particles

“'Momo' can't hear but she loves to play with anything, even dust particles or maybe she can see invisible ghosts?” [Video: Georgian Avasilcutei @]

Soccer? GOTCHA! ⚽ Purrfect kitty goal keeper catching the ball!

He's ready for the cat UEFA Champions League!

When patient 'Shiro' cat was a purrfect cat pillow for the family

Warm and comfy pillow. It's not just any kind of pillow, it's a 'Shiro' pillow - a Shirrow, if you will. (Chibi-Bang + Chibi-Side + Mimi on Shiro) “ Shiro , we miss you...” 💔 [Video: かご猫]

Little sweetie on her back gently playing with human finger

“What a little cutie. I'm in love with this precious baby and its tiny paws.” "Non può esistere un'altro essere più delizioso e piccino di te!" "Eu queria tanto um gatinho assim fofinho e peludinho mas eu amo nosso mary kley." "Gatitos? Son unos animalitos maravillosos." [ Video @johanandhiscats]

Yes, (adult) cats have dreams and nightmares like humans

“My cats will twitch, purr, growl and/or meow in their sleep.” [Video: Ukko the Cat]