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“Today instead of treats I got strawberries. Mlem...Mlem...Mlem...”

“My cat LOVES strawberries. Cut them up in small pieces and she eats them like a kid eats candy!” “And my cat loves raspberries ! I love seeing cats eating berries, it’s so funny and cute.” “And my cat likes banana and durian .” “And my old (vegan) cat loved melon . cantaloupe , honeydew , watermelon , she loved it all.” “And My Maine coon runs to the kitchen for black olives when I open them. It is fun to watch them enjoy something you would not expect!” “I was like 'But when are you gonna bite?!'” 😂 [ Video @yves_the_cat]

Super cute ♥ fluffy kitty gently eating her treat

“Aww…she's so polite, sweet and adorable” ♥ “Precious kitty with white gloves.”

OMG! Whatcha doin? “WHAT? just eating and mating at the same time.”

 Hahaha, they MAD, don't try to understand, feral cats are the weirdest creatures on Earth...

OWNED! Playful cat.exe has crashed unexpectedly!

Don't worry dude, now you just have to restart your broken cat. “White cat showing who is THE BOSS!” [Video: Kyoot Animals]

When your funny & cute cat thinks he is a human baby...

...or a baby kangaroo :) “Anyway Mom, as you know... if It fits, I sits .” [ Video @zoeandcurry]