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PAWesome! The agility of Ninja cats is a wonderful thing to see!

“No impurrsible mission for fearless cats.” “Yep, cats are ninjas, cats are our heroes!” “Circus cat.” 😍 “The great escape!” “He’s just going for his daily walk, what else?” “Wow! What a gymnastic cat!” “Purrfect balace and self control level 100.” “Holy shiz this gave me so much Anxiety holy crap.” “Don't worry dude, I have 9 lives, so what's the problem?” “Cats are so pawesome, they can walk anywhere.” “That is the really catwalk.” “Purrfect Chakra control” “Dare a døg to try it hahaha.” 😂 “Totoro cat bus be like.” “Yeah lets see him get on the balance ladder at the carnival” “And we worry about for walking along the top banisters, haha.”

4 funny & cute kittens bobbing their heads in sync

“My cute babies blindly following their toy back and forth in perfect synchronicity.” “Purrfect infinite loop, endless game.”

BOOM! Playful & clumsy cat running after the red dot and...

…destroying house of plastic cups! 😂 (purrfect bowling STRiKE) [Video: zycie to chory sen]

Funny cats chirping at birds (“Together we're stronger.”)

“Om Nom Nom Cattitude.” “Feed them, they are so hungry, haha” :) [Video: crazy_cat_lovers]

When a weird odd-eyed cat rings your doorbell...

“Let me in hooman, I have fresh catnip for your cute kitties...” 😼 “NOOOOO, don't open the door, it's a...trap!” 😟