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When the tail is bigger than the cat! 😁

“What’s that massive shadow behind me...oh, it’s my tail...” Just gorgeous!” “I like the ones with floof tails” “OMG, I thought it was a galloping huge SQUIRREL at first hahaha!”  “Woah, I’ve never seen a tail so fluffy!” [ Video @primuscat]

Incredible! 'Melissa' has the longest and weirdest tongue ever!

For sure, she can easily catch bugs like chameleon, haha. [ Video @melissa_scottish]

Funny Kitty playing (fast) peek-a-boo hidden in his bag.

Fast and purrious white Kitten: catch me if you can! [Video: FunnyCatsworld]

Broken cat towed by a blue RC Car (They see me rollin', they hatin')

“'Clyde' broke down again and needed a tow.” (Not for nothing that toys have some serious torque, hehe) [ Video @bonnienclydekitties]

OMG, crazy cat jump and...huge house explosion!

Clearly this was a suicide! 😲