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Fast Mlem...Mlem..Mlem... • Level: EXPERT

“He fuck*ng likes its liquid snack, so tasty!” “When your fast food is delivered and you immediately take an action!” “Fun fact: putting it in a bowl and leaving a little space in the middle is perfect for sneaking liquid medicamentation into your cat. Welp at least it works with mine.” [ Video @pika.purr]

Kitten bath time. How to wash your kitty hair under the sink faucet

Tiny tongue, mlemy kitty. Super cute, cool and patient kitten, isn't it? 💕 [Video: via Jasdac]

Laziest cat ever (“Hey, wait...I'm not lazy, I'm liquid.”)

“Hey Kitty, how lazy can you get?” “Funny cat dragging itself down the stairs embodies the true spirit of laziness.” :) ”Purrfectly breaking the rules.” [Video: JYW.kikyuS]

“They said I could become anything, so I became water in a bottle.”

“Haha, well done. Proof that Cats are liquid. My playful Cats would love this. They get into and play with...everything.” “WHAT? That's my new FORT!” [ Video @kedimasallari]

“Don't worry human, we can fix it, we're a purrfessionnal Team.”

Cats? They’ve Got super Powers that none of us can explain! 😮

Animated 'Blep...Blep...Blep Mode' activated!

“I have absolutely no idea what am I doing with my life.” 😸