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Fierce chick: “Kitty, don't try to mess with me!”

“That brave chick is a real fighter.” “Be patient little guy, the time will come that you'll be stronger than chickens!” “When you overestimate your strength.”⠀ “This chick used to see her mom protecting them and thought thaat they're on the same size.” 😂 “Attack! Oops...RETREAT! RETREAT!”

'Khensin' chirping again and again. The most talkative kitty, a real msg/alarm tone :)

Lip-smacking & teeth chattering. Playtime with 'Kenshin' has a lot of chirping. I know it's unusual, yes we have THE chirping Cat :)” [ Video @kitty.chloeykenshin]

What happens if you brush your cat's teeth?

Cat + Tooth brush ► Mind Blown, haha. [Video: SHWASTE LANDIA]

Angry cat shows middle finger to cat haters

“F*ck you!”

At first, 'Men in BLACK', but now 'Cat tails in BLACK'

Shironeko twins: 'Chibi-Side' + 'Chibi-Bang' ► Copy Cat Tail "These black tails look very fashionable on the white box, hehe." [Video: かご猫]

Trippy kitten gone wild!

Huge catnip overdose, haha!